A New Short Story | Workplace Taboos: Tabitha

Tabitha crossed her legs again, the bumpy ride on the public transport almost too much for her that morning. Deprived and tortured by dreams of various affairs, changing lover and location with each roll across her mattress.

Left wet, tired, and needy, every chore to get to work seemed to agitate her: the way her body sought out pleasure from simple tasks like brushing her teeth and slipping on a silk blouse. Running to make the bus made her nipples hard and dampened her panties.

Another re-cross and the bump in her seat vibrated against her cheeks, spiraling up the front of her.

By the time Tabitha made it to the office, her high-walled cubicle—only one of six in the large room and backed into the corner behind two others, she couldn’t think of anything except releasing herself from the morning’s torment.

But she’d have to wait.

Her standing date at the coffee pot in a half hour didn’t leave her enough time to get what needed done and recuperate, so she shunted her coat, pulling fabric against her breasts and that burn hardened them again.

A frustrated sigh sent her in a small circle around her cubicle before she sat to check her emails with little success until she met Sarah in the floor’s break room. Her hug squeezed new life into that sensitive yearning that had just started to subside.

“Showing off the goods today.” Sarah’s brows waggled before her gaze blatantly ogled Tabitha’s breasts. “Trying to get yourself a date to the company party this weekend?”

“Hardly,” Tabitha said. “Just one of those mornings.”

“We’ve all had them. I heard that Walt two stories up was walking around with a giant hard-on last Monday, just boing—” She mimed a giant johnson in front of her polka-dotted skirt, grinding her hips and swinging it around like she meant to knock down Tabitha with it. “—for damn near the entire day until his secretary took care of him.”

Before moving to Mating Metropolis, what Sarah suggested, what most of the staff, and fuck it, the city had taken part of, would have been taboo, but everyone here was horny most of the time. Tabitha hadn’t slept with anyone at the job yet. Rubbed one out a time or two before she packed a small box in her desk with some aids, like the dildo that easily latched onto her chair and would be hidden by her skirt once she returned to her cubicle.

She’d also snuck off in semi-public with a few men from her neighborhood and a few others across town on some errands. A few times, she discovered others fulfilling their own needs in half-hidden corners. And once, an orgy in the park at night.

The barrage of memories shifted Tabitha’s stance, sending the slender piece of fabric riding higher in her cracks.

“Could you imagine?” Sarah asked. “Everyone knowing while you’re in there banging your boss? I mean not ours. She prefers men, but like do they hold a lottery or a roulette or does someone volunteer? Do you think that’s in her contract?”

“Did you read your contract? I’m pretty sure they’re the same.” Tabitha tried to derail her co-workers train of thought. Maybe she wasn’t the only one who came to the office horny today.

Sarah cringed at the mention of contracts, suitably distracted by a current client who complained about their terms and conditions like they hadn’t read them when they agreed. After another five-minute rant about suck-face, Sarah sighed, refilled her coffee, and sarcastically trudged back to her office.

Tabitha did the same, adrenaline building low in her chest and anticipation trailing a tingling line down her center.

Her computer monitor hummed on, and she brought up the forms needing filled and filed before she could start on her projects’ daily lists. Tabitha also pulled the plain file box from the back of her desk’s cabinet that held her sex toys, a much smaller version than the collection she had at home. These all silent or quiet and easy to hide when need be.

The vibrators shifted out the way as she reached for the Average John, a rubber dildo with a suction cup harness base that stuck solidly to her grooved plastic office chair. She pulled him from his plastic case, shoved the box under her desk with her toes, and shimmied off her panties. A draft caressed her between her thighs as she fastened Average John, the cold against her wet sex teasing the ache deep inside.

Locking the wheels of her chair, she pulled it close to her desk, straddled the seat, spread her lips with one hand, and slid against the head of her prosthetic cock.

Teeth pinched her bottom lip as she slipped herself down a few inches, up and down two thirds, coating the rubber with her juices, and a final thrust slid the dildo all the way home. A gasp dropped her lip free, grinding her hips down against the rubber balls for an added spike in pleasure. The burn soothed and redoubled.

Tabitha adjusted her skirt to hide her bare hips and the veiny rubber stuffed inside her. Her breast weighed heavy and tight against her blouse, back arching to accommodate small thrusts. Enjoying the mere feel of being filled, stretched, pushed at the very depths of, she slowly worked her legs around front, leaning back to release two buttons and the pressure against her nipples. The opening allowed for easy access, brushing her fingers over them and bringing them to attention.

Stretching her arms overhead, another flash of pleasure shuttered through her, rolling her hips over the cock and balls.

A glance at the open door to her cubicle made every sensitive movement amplify, shoving Tabitha forward to look like she was at least pretending to work. Feet hooked around the chair legs, tits sitting on the desk, she searched for some light music to disguise her light thumping as she found a rhythm that mimicked dancing. A small bounced that crammed the thick head against her cervix.

She had to be careful or the suspension on the chair would creak, pleasing but frustrating.

At this rate, it would take her until lunch to come.


Read the rest of Tabitha’s story here.


Tabitha cover
Welcome to Mating Metropolis where citizens have complete freedom to explore sexual taboos without judgement.

Moving to Mating Metropolis means giving into sexual whims with neighbors, co-workers, and strangers. It means forgoing long-held taboos.

Tabitha’s given in to a few of her horny impulses, but she’s never crossed that line at work. A thin line. An invisible one.

But when she wakes up with a desire she can’t suppress on her own, even with the aids she keeps hidden in her cubicle, Tabitha breaks her own rules and gets caught by a co-worker.

How deep will she fall into this workplace taboo? More importantly, how many times can Tabitha succumb to bodily pleasure?

Dive into this short, playful erotica story now.


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