“Are you ready to start now?”

Betty swallowed hard, and the movement sent more blood to his already aching cock. Then, she nodded, her thumb tracing his pulse.

How fucking glad he was that this would take longer than one session.

Cillian kissed her again, grabbing her ass and pulling her away from the wall with her still wrapped around him.

Her gasp told him she’d never been carried around like this, not when she was conscious anyway. 

And he was much stronger than he appeared. Needed to be for this job. Not that he’d ever participated in the boyfriend experience for the facility before. He strictly worked in the farm, fucking unconscious women, which were a lot harder to maneuver than one who was awake, one that held onto him, too, one that kissed him back.

He’d never cared until this little ginger woman fell into his rotation. Never had another like her since.

Pressing her into the wall beside the door, he paused them, nose brushing against hers with the want to not let her go for a moment, even though he knew he must. “I have to get us a room and your dose.”

Those lashes fluttered before she peered into his eyes. “Okay.”

Cillian nodded but lingered against her for another few beats before he lowered her to her feet.

Betty teetered and stayed propped by the door as he retreated.

As soon as they were separated, he moved with purpose. Gaining a keycard, dose, and applicator took too fucking long.

He opened the door to Betty pacing in the small meeting room. She stopped midstep, eyes wide, fingers covering her mouth when he stepped inside.

“You haven’t changed your mind, have you?”

She shook her head, and a fire renewed inside of him. Taking her hand, he tugged her forward, out of the room, and down the hall to a private bedroom.

It looked like a hotel room with a wide bed, a dresser, a vanity with a mirror, and a small bathroom. Once they stepped inside, tension drenched the space.

“Did you need anything before we start?” Fuck, he just wanted to tear off her clothes and devour her.

She nodded, gesturing vaguely to the bathroom.

“Go. Be quick.” Cillian’s breath was already coming fast with the adrenaline of having wanted this moment for far, far too long.

After a couple of seconds, she jerked into movement, closing herself in the bathroom as he watched. And he stared at the door for a minute before he took the dose from his pocket and placed it on the comforter. It was much less and came in a smaller applicator.

It wasn’t the first thing he wanted to shove inside of her.

Betty opened the door, cheeks pink again, but her confidence seemed to have waned.

Cillian held a hand out to her, and she came to him timidly.

You wont be timid for long, love.

He caressed her cheek and chin and throat before he kissed her again, much more gently now but with no less fervor. Slowly, he lifted the hem of her shirt off her pale stomach, and she tensed.

“Don’t get bashful on me, now, Betty. I’ve already seen every bit of you.”

“Not since…”

“I don’t care about any of the changes.”

Betty sucked in a breath and nodded, letting him pull her shirt over her head. She wore this tiny sheer blue bra that showcased her perky little tits and those hard coral nipples.

He groaned his appreciation as he brushed one with his thumb.

Her quiver made him grin.

Cillian made himself move slowly, touching her thin waist and stomach before popping the button open on her jeans.

Her tiny gasp doused him in flames, and he yanked the tight fabric off her hips.

Delicate fingers gripped his shoulders as he stripped them free of her.

She wore matching panties, and when his fingers slid between her thighs to caress her, he felt how wet she was for him. He touched her more firmly to her whimpering moan.

“Before I administer your dose, I want to put my mouth on you. I didn’t get to taste you last time.”

Betty shivered and clung to him as he boosted her onto the bed. Cillian roamed her body with a hand as he leaned over her, tracing the small differences. A couple of stretchmarks and a few extra pounds didn’t make him want her any less.

She got those having his babies.

And now, she wanted another one. Wanted his child.

Cillian dropped his mouth over her skin, down her chest to envelop her small breast over her bra, and she arched toward him.

He pressed his hips into hers, grinding against the way she squirmed before he released her and kissed a path lower down across her stomach and hips.

Betty’s head was back, her eyes squeezed shut as he breathed against her skin. 

“Fuck, Betty. You are beautiful.”

Her head shot up to meet his gaze, and he dipped cover her sex with his mouth. Brows pinching, her mouth popped open into a small O.

Sucking on her clit through her panties with a bit more force made her fall back again, her legs trembling around his ears.

He peeled the soft fabric from her core and got a real taste—both of her sweet pussy and of her full moan. The deep kind that sent him diving for more.

Read the full story here.


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