Magenta checked the chicken as it finished stewing on the stove. She would break it apart right before she added the dumplings, but since it couldn’t over cook at the stage it was in, Magenta left it until Malcolm came home.

Which should be soon. Most nights, she timed it just right so that her husband could come home and have a beer before they sat down to dinner.

A knock at the door startled her, and her heart raced when she opened it to Gavin in his suit from work and an ominous-looking briefcase. His boyish smile did its best to melt her insides and soak her panties.

“Hey, Mags. Malcolm got stuck at the office.”

“And he sent you here to tell me instead of calling?” Her arms crossed defensively. Malcolm stayed late all the time. It wasn’t a big deal, but usually, he called instead of sending an errand boy. Namely his aggressively perverted best friend.

What was that man planning?

Gavin’s gaze darkened as it dipped along her pants suit from work. It hugged her nicely without being distasteful, and that was never bad for high-end sales. Right this moment, however, it made her feel near naked.

Or maybe that was because Gavin had already seen all of her—touched and kissed and fucked all of her.

The thought blasted through both of their minds. His nostrils flared. “He thought you might want company for dinner.”

Magenta narrowed her eyes at him, unsure just how badly he would behave when left to his own devices. The dirty things he’d whispered to her last time scared her now without her husband there to keep him in line.

But as her heartbeat sped up, her core burned with the desire to be under his control.

Gavin smiled again to disarm her.

“Fine. Come in.” Magenta stepped to the side to let him in and closed the door behind him.

The heat of Gavin met her back before she could turn. His nose edged her ear, and his hot breath cascaded down her bare neck like a caress. 

This was entirely not fair and not safe.

The line of his body barely touched hers, making so many promises for the rest of the night.

When Magenta tried to step around him, he stopped her by pressing them both closer to the door. Her hand went out to brace against it as she tilted her face back to him.

“I have dinner on the stove, and you will not make me burn it.” Somehow, her voice came out huskier than she’d intended. Maybe that was the bulge she could feel between her cheeks.

“What are we having?” He asked against her throat as he nipped at her skin.

“Chicken and dumplings.”

Gavin stepped away, releasing her to the cool air in the entryway. Or was she overheating? It was hard to tell.

Something gentle flitted across his face. “Chicken and dumplings is my favorite.”

What a coincidence.

“Pick out a wine. Unless you have some in that case of yours.” Magenta fled to the kitchen, disguised by her stomping feet. She had her phone in her hand, texting Malcolm on her way.

Did you send Gavin here to entertain me tonight while you’re stuck at work?

Gavin followed, setting the briefcase down on his way.

I did. 

You’re sure I can trust him here without you?

When she lifted the lid, the scent of chicken, vegetables, and spice wafted into the air. It made her stomach rumble.

Gavin sniffed the air appreciatively, too, and he’d transformed into a boy for a moment, that giddy grin making Magenta appreciate his princely looks a bit more.

She shredded the chicken and dropped the dough into the bubbling pot in pieces and recovered it.

A bottle of wine sat on the counter, and Gavin popped the cork to let it breathe.

Don’t worry. He’ll take good care of you if you take good care of him.

Magenta closed her eyes and sucked in a slow, deep breath. She wished he’d consult her about it, but it wasn’t like she would be so disappointed by the end of the evening. She hoped.

“It’ll be another ten minutes.”

He nodded, intent clearly on her.

Magenta swore the temperature in the room went up a few degrees, especially when he took a few careful steps forward.

“I must say that I’ve always been a fan of the outfits you wear to work, around the neighborhood, at home. Fuck, Mags, I like every little form-fitting thing you put on. You can hide all of that skin, but I see every dip and curve of that body.” Gavin breached her personal space, hands on her hips as he pressed her between him and the counter.

Her hands met his chest defensively, and he teased her with his mouth, hovering it close enough for a kiss, for her to taste the mint on his breath.

“The question is now, what do we do with those ten minutes. I have so many options in mind.” His hard length jutted into her hip as he ground them together, but his touch shifted, fingers tracing the curve of her thigh to the juncture of her legs to slide between them. 

A few strokes had her panting, her sex swollen with the want for more. Magenta gripped his shoulders, and Gavin’s smile made her shudder.

“You like that, don’t you, Mags?” He murmured against her ear, mouth dipping to her throat for a taste.

She groaned weakly in response, not wanting to say the words. Not wanting to admit to how much she enjoyed the way he touched her.

Gavin popped the button of her slacks, dropped the zipper, and loosened the fabric enough to slip his fingers underneath to touch her more fully. His fingers grazed her clit, stealing a gasp from her.

She felt him grin against her skin.

Spreading her lips, he stroked her clit again, more fully, and Magenta moaned loudly.

“That’s right. Show me how badly you want me inside of you.”

Her knees spread wider to give him better access without any thought on her part. Magenta was already far too aware of how good he was at this, at playing with her body.

Another stroke made her bite her lip, nails digging into his wide shoulders.

He teased and teased and teased her, his own breathing increasing in her ear before his fingers speared her, curling and tapping with hard thrusts.

Magenta ground out a guttural moan, clamping around him.

“Fuck, yes, Mags. Give me a little taste of what I can expect after dinner. I want to tie you up and make you come and come and come until you can’t handle any more.”

She wanted the pleasure, but the thought of him tying her up when they were alone scared her. Magenta shook her head at him.

“No? No, what? You don’t want to come for me?”

“No restraints.” Her breath was so thick with need and the impending orgasm his fingers pushed her toward. “Not without Malcolm.”

“You don’t trust me?”

Without her husband to keep him in line, she didn’t. Magenta shook her head.

His groan was less pleased, but it didn’t deter him from his present goal. “I guess I’ll have to earn that, won’t I?”

Gavin kissed his way to her mouth, but he wouldn’t give in to the parting of her lips or the tension that made them both want that kind of intimacy.

And she did want it even though she shouldn’t. 

Shifting strategies, he changed the angle of his digits, thumping a spot inside Magenta that had her legs shaking so hard that he had to hold her up. Losing control, her head fell back, and Gavin sank his teeth into the sensitive curve of her neck as she shattered.

It only made him increase his intensity.

Whimpering egged him on, and he slowed when the kitchen timer went off, pulling his hand from her pants, fingers still slick as they passed between his lips for a taste. 

Magenta shuddered, knowing the fantasies that dark look he gave her promised. She couldn’t possibly fathom the things he wanted from her. The things he’d take.

Read the rest of Magenta’s story here.

Magenta’s husband has sent his best friend, Gavin, to keep their dinner date, but she is having a tough time trusting Gavin without her husband there to keep him in line.

Gavin’s mission seems to change once he has Magenta all to himself, showing her that submission doesn’t have to mean pain.

Can he convince her to trust him? More importantly, can she handle being completely under his control?

Dive into this short, hot erotica story now & get some deals from GET THAT BOOK!


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