Chapter One

I came home early from class, finding my mom lounged across the couch in her shorts and tee. 

She blinked sleepy eyes at me but smiled. “I thought class went until nine.”

“We had lab. Got to go when we were done.”

“I’m glad to have you home, baby. Take out is in the oven. Use a plate.”

I laughed and leaned down to kiss her forehead, getting a nice view down the v-neck. She was not wearing a bra, like usual. Mom had small, perky tits that didn’t need one, except to be decent. I loved that she didn’t feel the need to wear one at home.

I’d spanked it a few times to those, wanting them in my mouth and smashed around my cock.

“I’m going to shower first. Long day.” I gave her another kiss on the cheek, and she stroked mine.

“You need some rest, baby.”

“I’ll be sure to get some tonight.”

Mom nodded, and I retreated to my room to clean up, cock hard and throbbing as my mind swirled with the million daydreams I’d had of taking her over the years.

Then, Paul had to tell me he’d gotten a taste of her, how he fucked her sensless. For hours.

I grabbed my pulsing shaft as I undressed. The jealousy and heat that tore through me at the memory was nothing compared to the night he told me about it.

My shower was hot, and my hard-on championed through it. I couldn’t help but think of ways to sneak downstairs and fuck my mom. By the time I was done, I tucked it in my waistband and made my way to the kitchen with light steps.

Creeping behind the couch, I found my mom sleeping, those shorts high on her thighs to reveal no underwear lines.

Fuck. My hand slid along the inside of her thigh before I could think about it, and my fingers pushed against the fabric over her core to test my theory. The way her lips splayed open confirmed it for me.

Her soft moan muffled against the couch cushion as she rolled a little.

I pushed harder, rubbing her in gentle strokes.

Mom’s hips lifted, and I couldn’t stop.

Crawling over the back, I wedged myself between it and her and rolled her into me. She moaned again, wriggling her ass into my hard-on.

I unleashed it, letting my head sneak between her thighs. Hips moved on their own, and I was so close to having what I’ve wanted for years that I forget how wrong it was. I whispered her name across her neck. “Molly.”

Her whimper arched her back, and it broke me. I tugged her shorts to the side and pushed my head between her folds. God, she was wet, coating me better than my precum could, and I sank into her slowly.

Gripping her shoulders, I kept her back to me, ducking my face against her neck. She smelled of her sweet coconut soap.

I pulled back and pushed into her again, deeper, opening her up. After a few thrusts, I was buried to the hilt, grinding us together.

“Paul?” Mom’s voice was groggy but packed with pleasure and need.

I kissed the side of her neck and started pumping my hips. Slow at first, I enjoyed the way she squeezed me tight.

“Tyler’s home. What if he comes down?”

Grinning, I nibbled her ear and reached my hand under her tee to grab ahold of her breast. Lifting her knee in a hand, I picked up my pace, tightening her around me just a little more.

“Be quick.”

How accommodating she was to my best friend. What would she have done if I came down and caught them? Would she let me do just this and slide behind her to share?

I strengthened my grip and squeezed her until her nipple pebbled between my fingers. I wanted to make her come before he arrived to ensure she wouldn’t be mad at my fooling her. Paul had given me enough details to imitate him. And we’d always talked about fucking her together.

He’d be here after his class at nine. It gave me a little while to stretch this out.

Mom’s head fell to the side, lip between her teeth as she suppressed her moans.

Her body jerked and shook as I ran my middle finger over her nipple. I followed the bucking of her hips, fucking her hard until she broke apart in my arms.

I slowed and savored her for another few beats before I rolled her on her stomach, yanked down her shorts, and shoved myself back inside her. 

Mom was smart enough to cry into the cushion, taking my unforgiving pace like a champ.

Leaning over, I took her wrists in one hand and grabbed a handful of her hair to arch her back a few inches.

She choked on her groans, and I wanted her to know it was me doing it to her, even though I feared her reaction when she found out. I doubled down, focusing on making her come. The more pleasure I could pump into her, the better chances I had of making it all the way through this.

And I wanted her mouth and her ass.

Releasing her hair, I reached down to spread her cheeks and rub that puckered hole. Mom shifted under me, so I worked her arms behind her back and yanked her shirt up over her head to tie them there.

I went back to stroking her ass as she squirmed. My touch remained firm, but I didn’t push inside, building her up again before I tested anything like that. I would take her there before Paul did. 

Apparently, my mom liked a little rough handling because she was strangling my cock with that sweet pussy again. I liked a woman with an eager cunt.

Fuck, she was greedy.

Chapter Two

Molly had forgotten what it was like to wake up to overwhelming pleasure and a looming orgasm. Her third had her moved, twisted, and held in place. 

Lifted and tossed around, she leaned back on top of Paul’s slick chest as he sought her next climax. His hand smoothed over her stomach and hip to cup and stroke her mound. The TV flashed bright in the darkening room, and that arm was paler than it’d been last time.

“Paul?” Molly gasped, stiffening from shock and pleasure.

“If I’d known you were so needy, Mom, I would have helped you out a long time ago.”

“Tyler?” A note of panic warped her voice, and Molly felt stuck.

What was happening? First her surrogate son and now her actual son.

“Paul told me about the other night. And I got jealous.” He pressed on her clit, his thrusts no less punctuated against the pleasure he’d already brought her. “I want to make you feel good.”

Molly wriggled under her son’s attention, over his cock. Oh god, it was thick and so hard as it filled her up.

Tyler’s mouth formed kisses up her throat, behind her ear. “Do I make you feel good, Mom?”

His left hand seemed so large over her breast as he squeezed. Her arms remained trapped between them, tangled in her t-shirt. She could pretend she had no choice right now, but the orgasm looming so closely was what made her hesitate.

As long as she didn’t say anything, she could ride this out, enjoy herself without feeling so guilty.

“I’ve made you come three times already.” He rubbed her clit more vigorously. “I want number four.”

His hips picked up speed, too, and Molly was a goner.

“I want to outdo him. Twelve, was it? Mom.”

Increased pleasure and pressure yanked a moan out of her. 

Tyler groaned in her ear and flicked her nipple with his thumb. It spiked every pang of his head against her cervix, every stroke of his cock baring her down on him.

“Mmm, yeah. Come for me. Give me what I want. Just like you have my whole life.”

Molly pulsed, so close to that edge that she had no way of reeling herself back. 

“There you are. God, I want to come inside of you so fucking bad, Mom. I want to fill you up.” He practically growled his confession against her skin.

It broke her, trapping her in ecstasy for long, long seconds.

Tyler drew it out, slamming himself through her aftershocks and locking his arms around her as her back bowed.

“Did the thought of that make you come? Don’t worry, I won’t. Not until you’re on birth control, although I hear Paul didn’t have an issue with that.”

Molly whimpered, relieved that she wouldn’t have to worry about it.

“But there are other places for me to come in you. Your choice. Your ass or your mouth.”

Jerking from the sensitivity and lack of restraint from her son, Molly wasn’t sure why she liked the dirty mouth Tyler seemed to possess. When Paul took her, it was romantic, but this…this was pure hedonism, physical desire perverted from their family dynamic.

Maybe she shouldn’t have been so open, so accommodating, so relaxed around the boys.

But that burn rebuilding in her middle made it hard to think of those things, to think of anything other than the prolonged pleasure she was in for tonight.

Remembering how limber and happy she’d been at work after the marathon with Paul had her own fantasies rapidly forming for the kind of ease that came with being fucked until she literally couldn’t handle any more and dropped into sleep.

They had a long way to go yet.

Molly was thankful her son had played in sports because his stamina and speed had her hips moving to seek a new climax, eventually it would be a long and drawn out plane of pleasure.

Tyler laughed softly under her, breathing heavier than before. “Yeah, give me another before I come in you. You have until then to make your choice, or I’ll make it for you.”

It wouldn’t take her long, but she couldn’t decide. Molly hadn’t had either claimed by a cock in a long, long time.

He’d pushed against her ass, promising pain but causing pleasure.

She wasn’t ready for it by the time her legs started shaking. Tyler swore against her skin. So many filthy habits her boy possessed.

Like he currently possessed her.

“Oh yeah, Molly. Oh yeah. There you go. Fucking break over my cock.”

The moan drawing from her lungs deepened, her knees spread and everything coiled tight in her center.

Tyler grabbed her by the throat, a light squeeze stiffened everything inside of her, and his unforgiving cock rammed against every rigid dip and curve inside of her. It tossed her over the edge of that cliff, leaving her writhing in her son’s grip.

Dirty whispers echoed in her ears as his voice turned deadly.

With a final grunt, Tyler lifted her again. “I need to come in you. Choose.”

Gasping for breaths, she finally got a glimpse of the dark determination in her son’s blue eyes.

“Mouth,” she said, the word barely registering to her own ears.

Tyler set her on the couch, sitting beside her and wiping himself clean with his t-shirt. With a hand in her hair, he drew her down to his long, hard cock. His other hand smoothed along her back and hips and he grabbed her ass with a firm squeeze.

Molly wrapped hers around his shaft, a fist that would allow her to gauge how deep she took him. When her mouth enveloped his head, her son moaned low and guttural. The vein along the underside pulsed, and she knew it wouldn’t take much to get him off.

That was rather the point, wasn’t it?

His fingers brushed through her folds, teasing her. Testing her.

The angle he’d positioned her in made more sense when he thrust those digits inside of her.

“Come on, Mom. Suck it like you mean it. I know you’ve got it in you. I’ve seen you do it too many times for you to convince me otherwise.”

The handful of men she’d dated never made it back to her home, but one, Miles, would lounge with her on the couch after she put the boys to bed on the weekends. She hadn’t known her son and his best friend could see her with him.

Molly sucked and stroked and earned her son’s deep moans.

His fingers curled and rubbed her, eliciting more pleasure out of her until her core and mouth clamped down in unison.

Read the rest of Tyler and Molly’s story here.

When Tyler hears about his best friend seducing Molly and spending hours using her body, his jealousy gets the better of him.

Tyler can’t resist taking his turn, sneaking behind her on the couch and pretending to be Paul. How easily Molly gives him what he wants.

Finally, he gets to share her with his best friend, as they’ve fantasized about since puberty.

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