Chapter Three

Paul’s anxiety stressed his body, flashing heated distractions through his thoughts until he gave in, detouring to Tyler’s house early in the hopes of catching Molly before she was ready for work.

His presentation jumbled in his head, and his middle-of-the-night workout did little to iron out the nerves that came with preparing for the giant class project. It was a third of his grade, and Paul needed an A to keep his scholarship.

Letting himself in the back door, as usual, he caught Tyler in the laundry room, bent and rifling through the dryer, his back lined with pale red scratches. Jealousy flared sharp and hot. How lucky he was to live here. How lucky he was to have a mom like Molly.

Tyler popped up with a smile, but the same dark circles lined his eyes that Paul found in the mirror that morning. “Hey. You’re here early.”

“Presentation this morning.”

Tyler nodded, the knowing grin read volumes. They’d been sharing Molly for a long, long time–the affection, the fantasies, the ability to make her toes curl. “Exam.”

That’s right, he had that big test today, too. 

“You had the same idea.” Paul gestured to his best friend’s back.

Tyler turned, glancing at the scratches down his back before he slipped on the shirt in his hands. “Yeah. She’s just out of the shower, so you have time to catch her if you’re quick.”

Pulse racing, Paul tried and failed not to grin before he walked into the kitchen. Fresh coffee sizzled on the counter, a tell-tale sign that Molly would follow. She had a strict routine, and he was going to interrupt it.

He hoped he could keep her from being late to work. 

Molly pattered in, arms overhead to clip her hair up, the dark pink and black patterned robe gaping to showcase her pale skin and black lace undies.

Paul’s half hard cock raged to full mast as those beautiful eyes blinked up to meet his.

“Let me guess, a test?” The twist of her lips proved promising.

“Presentation.” Paul closed the distance between them, an arm wrapping around her bare waist under her robe to pull her against him. Her chilly fingers breached the collar of his t-shirt.

“You’re not going to wear this, are you?”

His laughter had his mouth dropping to her throat. “I’m not.”

Molly’s hand slipped up the back of his neck to sink into his hair, so Paul planted a solid line of kisses up her pulse until he turned their faces together and claimed the kiss he really wanted.

Their moans mingled as their bodies pressed together. Paul couldn’t wait, didn’t want to, so he lifted Molly in his arms and planted her on the nearby stool. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he settled between them, rubbing his jean clad hard-on against her thin panties.

“Try to be quick.” Her swollen lips whispered over his. “But not too quick.”

His laugh earned him her million-dollar smile.

Paul unbuttoned his fly, and his cock sprang free, eager to bury himself in Molly’s sweet pussy. Tugging her panties to the side, he dragged himself through her folds and the flood of wetness that showed him just how ready Molly was for another good fucking.

He wished that this was more than merely a fuck, but Paul didn’t have the time to spare with romance this morning. As he shoved himself inside of her, Molly didn’t seem to mind.

Her back arched, presenting him with those swollen, pink nipples barely hidden behind that sheer black fabric.

Capturing one in his mouth, he suckled on her until she cried out and clamped down on him. God, he could spend his entire life balls deep inside of Molly.

Her feet dug low in his back, spreading her thighs wider for him so that the slapping of their skin echoed in the kitchen.

Paul cradled her the best he could as he slammed home, her tight sheath gripping him so hard that he tempted her with every pleasure plaguing him for the last twelve hours. He thought about her, about this, more often than he wanted to admit. More often than anything else.

But a part of him wanted something else, something he couldn’t have yet, something far more intimate than sex and orgasms and sharing her with her son.

He wanted Molly in every sense of the word, but he would wait as long as it took for her to want that with him, too. Age difference be damned. Who gave a shit that she’d had a hand in raising him? This woman could completely undo him without much provocation.

Retreating enough to peer down at her and those hooded green eyes, those parted lips, that heaving chest, he gripped her shaking legs by the knees.

Paul swung his cock into her with long, rough thrusts, and her nails sank into his shoulders through his shirt.

Her toes curled deliciously as she panted. “Paul.”

Tipping his hips a fraction sent flutterings through her core, and he hammered that spot he knew too well would make her come.

And she did, the waves of her pleasure crashing against him.

Paul grabbed her by the back of the neck and kissed her gently, in complete odds with the way his cock continued to relentlessly plunge into her.

Read the rest of Tyler, Paul, and Molly’s story here.

With stressful projects to manage in the morning, Tyler and Paul seek the same kind of release through Molly.

The lack of sleep and disruption to her routine doesn’t bother Molly as much as she might have thought. A little sex–ha!–make the boys much more attentive and hardworking.

Can the three of them keep this up for much longer, or will their lack of control derail their responsibilities?

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