A NEW SHORT STORY | Workplace Taboos: Joshua


Tabitha: Headed into work early. I’ve got donuts.

Joshua grinned, pulling himself out of the sexy haze from his wet dreams. Every Wednesday without fail, he’d wake early with the expectation of a donut date with his colleague before work started. They traded off on who brought breakfast, but it was always something that wouldn’t sour in the hour they spent humping each other.

The regular sex with Tabitha spoiled him. Not that he didn’t sleep with other women throughout the week, but she was something special. The sexy and smart woman who shared a cubicle wall with him. The only woman at his job he’d ever been inside. 

The one he’d fantasized about most, even after getting his taste. Once a week didn’t seem like enough, but Joshua feared inviting her to play outside of work.

Although, he wouldn’t mind having her in a proper bed with all the time in the world to take advantage of.

Rushing through his shower and morning routine, he was glad for the long strap of his bag. It made his hard-on easier to hide on his commute.

Tabitha did that to him. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on her meaty hips.

The thoughts weren’t helping one bit. A woman across from him languidly ran her gaze along his body as if she could scent his stiff cock.

Maybe she could. Stranger things had happened.

Her attention did nothing to settle him, although the blood did start flowing through his actual brain until she stood. The woman’s long skirt split at her hip to show a tantalizing slice of thigh. Her top did similarly for her cleavage when she bent to hand him a card on her way off the bus. Those dark eyes twinkled at him with promises of a good time.

And he tucked the card into his shirt pocket as she blew him a kiss with her ruby lips.

Joshua’s face burned, likely turning the same color. The heat slowly dissipated before he hopped off at his stop.

Up the three flights of stairs had his heart pumping, but it wiped away enough of his needy haze for him to clear the office before he sat at his own desk.

He leaned back in his chair as the scent of grease and sugar preceded the click of Tabitha’s heels. A flowy skirt started at her knees, accentuating the width of her hips and the narrowness of her waist.

She giggled and swayed as she walked, breasts heavy free of a bra under the loose fabric of her top. The sight made Joshua’s mouth water. He craved the taste of her skin.

Darkness glittered in her eyes as she sauntered toward him.

His cock hardened against his slacks again, draining away all thoughts except for her.

Tabitha neared, tossing the donuts on the desk behind him and dropping her bags to the floor before she slid into his lap.

Joshua grabbed a hold of her, squeezing her hips and ass as she leaned in.

That plump mouth of hers teased him, brushing soft kisses over his as she sank against his hard-on.

“Mmm. Good morning.” Her breath smelled of minty toothpaste.

“It’s turning out that way.”

Tabitha grinned and gave him a taste of her mouth.

Joshua rubbed them together through their clothes. When they were like this, he couldn’t find a fault in wanting it more often.

She opened to him, hot mint on her tongue as they rocked their hips together.

Gathering her skirt in his grip, he bared her skin to him. Joshua splayed his touch over her thighs as Tabitha moaned sweetly into their kiss.

“I’ve been looking forward to this all night.” Dropping her attention to his throat, her teeth nipped and teased as she loosened his tie, spread the collar of his shirt, and reached for the buttons down the front of him.

Fuck, he wanted to be inside of her.

And he could smell the sweet scent of her arousal, thinly veiled by her tiny cotton thong.

Joshua traced the fabric down from her hips to the crease of her cheeks before tapping at the triangle that covered her core. The cotton soaked through.

Oh how many things he wanted to do to her, with her, that he couldn’t in this restrictive setting. In their office where they had to be quick and quiet and protect themselves from prying eyes.

Tabitha tugged at his slacks, freeing the head of his cock to her fingertips.

Joshua slipped his touch under her thong, stroking the seam of her lips and splaying them wide with two digits.

Her moan accompanied the press of her teeth against his throat. Wiggling down, she gave him better access to her core, mouth tracing a path across his chest.

He sank those two fingers inside of her, slipping in without problem and loving how ready she was for him. Joshua wasted no time curving his fingers to hit that spot he knew she liked. The sooner he could make her come, the sooner he got to enjoy the way only she could squeeze around him.

Tabitha freed more of his cock, pumping her delicate fist over him as her hips moved her over his hand.

Those dark eyes blazed up at him with a deep, dirty desire. “Mmm, I like how well you know my body.”

Her core tightened around his fingers, and Joshua worked her harder, making her pant across his chest. Fuck, if only he had more time. Maybe, she’d let him have her for lunch. She could eat at her desk, and he could eat her. He so desperately wanted more of her. All of her. All the time.

Mating Metropolis was not the place to find a long-term relationship, but he couldn’t help it. Not with Tabitha.

“Come here.” Joshua’s free hand yanked the top of her dress down to expose her breasts as he reared her higher in his lap, thrusting into her with a bit more vigor. He sucked one of her soft nipples into his mouth, using his tongue and teeth to harden that bud. 

Once her soft moans fell free and her hips rotated with the suction of his mouth and flickering of his tongue, he switched to her other breast, keeping her against him as she wriggled.

Her moans dropped low with her hips, grinding against his hand until Tabitha shattered around his digits.

Tabitha ran her fingers through the ends of his hair, tugging gently as she settled. The quiet moment wouldn’t last long. Still, Joshua pressed her bare chest against his and slowly drew his hand free of her core.

She murmured against his collarbone before she retreated enough to look up at him.

God, she was beautiful. By far the most beautiful woman he’d ever had gathered in his arms this way.

Pulling his mouth down to hers elicited a groan from them both.

Her hips backed off of his lap, and she yanked at his slacks so that he had to lift himself up to allow her to pull them past his knees. And with his shoes tangled in his pants, Tabitha straddled him once more, rubbing the wetness of her core over his hard and aching cock.

Gripping her ass with both hands, he helped guide her down on him, head catching in her folds before he took the slow plunge into her.

She strangled him with her pussy, rocking her hips in measured circles so that he scraped against every part of her.

“Fuck, you’re magnificent.” Joshua couldn’t help confessing against her throat as her head fell back to give his mouth free reign of her skin.

Squeezing her round, plump ass in one hand sank a finger between her cheeks, teasing her rosette, and he grabbed a breast in his hand, finding that hard bud to pinch and rub and pluck.

The noise it yanked out of her had him doubling down.

Tabitha rode him harder, her grip rough on his shoulders as she moved. He wanted her to come. Demanded it before he planted her on her rear and took all of the things he needed.

He rubbed her taint as she moved, dropping soft fuck, fuck, fuck’s into his hair.

A new angle to her hips scraped his cock against new ridges, and he felt her fluttering before she gave in. Grinding loosened her muscles with her control. 

Joshua milked the pleasure out of her for a few seconds before he lifted her and propped her in his office chair. Hooking her knees in his elbows, he grabbed hold of the seat beneath her and plunged himself back into her core, using the wheels to thrust Tabitha over himself.

Tabitha’s pouty lips blew a gust of exasperated air as her muscles shook and her core clamped down on him.

The way her toes curled, how her nails dug into his shoulder without scratching or trying to push him away, her dress pooled around her middle, naked breasts bouncing with the force he gained in manipulating the furniture.

She seethed as he took her, tears forming at the corners of her eyes.

“God, you are pure temptation and sex appeal.”

And he enjoyed watching himself disappear between her glistening folds.

Shortening his thrusts, he accentuated with the swing of his hips until she cried out and held onto the back of his chair.

“Are you going to come for me again? Already?”

Soft murmurs jumbled in her throat. Tabitha clamped down on him, so close to her end that she was pliable under him.

Joshua grunted, his own pleasure building to a small frenzy, holding himself back as she pulsed with ecstasy. One more after this before he let himself go.

He leaned down over her, wedging the chair back into the wall.

Tabitha cursed under him, shaky fingers bracing his shoulders and chest under his open shirt. The new angle of her hips squeezed her around him, and he was going to lose it quickly this way.

Worse when her thumb dipped over his bottom lip. A few orgasms in, and Tabitha became a different creature, and he could drown in her pussy. Starve. Completely forget the world.

He swore this woman was a succubus. 

“I want your lunch break.”

Those dark eyes flashed up to meet his, pure hedonistic pleasure pooling there.

“I want to dig in your box of toys.” Joshua reached between them to rub her clit, soaked from her multiple orgasms.

She moaned a deep yes for him.

He couldn’t help but grin at her with the promise of things he would do to her. Enough to make her want to stay late tonight. Enough to let him take her home. For one night. Just one night with all the time in the world to make her feel good.

Soft whimpers and whines revved them both up. He needed to end her before someone else came into work

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered to her. Especially when he was under him like this.

When she was breaking apart, slick with sweat and cum, nipples hard, mouth agape, folded in half, and taking his cock like a champ.

“Fuck, Tabitha.” 

She bore down on him, clinging to his shoulders.

Joshua gave in, slamming and rooting into her, so hard and sensitive as he skated along the peak.

Her cry shuddered them together, and he came in her with such force that darkness weaved into the back of his vision before collapsing a little against her.

Legs lowering to wrap around his back, Tabitha nuzzled against his neck, and he turned his face to hers, drawing a sweet and tense kiss from her mouth. He didn’t want to retreat yet, even though he knew he had to. And soon.

Read the rest of Joshua’s story here.

Moving to Mating Metropolis means giving into sexual whims with neighbors, co-workers, and strangers. It means forgoing long-held taboos.

Joshua never imagined he would get a taste of his drop-dead gorgeous co-worker, but now that they’ve crossed that line, he can’t seem to get enough of her.

On one of their weekly hump-day dates before work, he takes a leap to see just how much he can get her to agree to without crossing another line.

Will she be open to taking things a little further, or will he ruin the arrangement they already have?

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