A NEW SHORT STORY | Workplace Taboos: Sarah


Sarah spun in her skirt, showing how it accentuated her big bottom and small top. Skirts were fun, and she had far more options for tops without the need for a bra.

Her poor work friend struggled with being indecent when she went braless, but you know, sometimes those babies just need to be free!

Was that why the floor manager had been in their part of the office so often?

When she sauntered into the employee lounge, he was leaning against the counter with a traditional white coffee mug halfway to his mouth. His gaze found hers over the rim, and heat sparked low in her belly.

“Our coffee is better, isn’t it?” Sarah said as she stepped beside him to grab her mug from the cabinet, and there it was on the top shelf where she couldn’t reach. The boys in her office were too keen on playing pranks on her. Small ones, like this, where she’d have to climb on the counter and possibly flash them what was under her skirt.

Her huff had the man next to her peering curiously at her again, then he looked up at the shelf and the sparkly black skull mug nestled amongst all of the normal ones.


“Yes.” She planted her hands on the counter to pull herself up when he reached above her to grab it. 

Holding it out to her, he smiled. He had a nice smile.



Sarah smiled. “Thanks, Ben.”

“No problem, Sarah. Least I could do for pilfering your excellent coffee.” He crossed one arm under the other as he took a pointed sip from his plain, white mug.

Leaning a little closer, she confessed, “I’m in charge of buying it for the office because no one else has any noticeable taste buds.”

Mmm, Ben smelled good, like warm honey and man. His eyes reflected the same notes, honey brown and warm. And they peered back at her inquisitively as their proximity drew closer.

“But you should really try it when I’m the one to make it.” Sarah slipped past him, her skirt brushing his legs on her way, and she pulled the espresso machine out from its hiding place under the sink.

Grinding and tamping her own beans she set the machine rattling. Brushing past him again, she grabbed milk from the fridge, sniffed it, and poured what she needed for two cups. On her way by again, she noticed how Ben’s gaze followed her as he kept silent and finished the joe already in his cup.

She stole it from his grip after he upended it, rinsing and setting it under the spout for his double shot of espresso. Steaming the milk had her swaying her hips. When she was a barista outside of Mating Metropolis, she used to dance as she pulled shots and poured drinks. It made her co-workers and customers smile.

It didn’t have the same effect on Ben, but the glance she stole only drove that small heat deeper.

What was he really doing over here? 

Pouring the milk and spooning the foam, the design came easy, and she handed the white mug back to Ben.

He grinned, fanning that burn a little hotter.

Sarah sipped her latte to keep the space between them safe. Rich espresso and sweetened milk mixed perfectly across her tongue, but she only enjoyed the first taste, cleaning and putting away the machine before anyone else came in to mess it up.

Picking up her mug, she winked at Ben. “Better get to my desk.”

He nodded, and she felt him watch her go.

What the hell was all of that?

Sarah’s cubicle mate, the guy on the other side of her lone shared wall–his office had something about hiding their women in the back corners–peeked in on her. “Hey. Did you just brew fresh coffee?”

She brought her glittery skull to her mouth and merely raised her brow at him.

“Don’t tease, Sarah.” Carter’s hopeful eyes made her soften.

“No. Just my cup.”

His pout was immediate and endearing. “Maybe, you can offer me another pick-me-up?”

Her soft laugh sent pink into his cheeks. “You’ll have to wait until lunch. The workday has begun.”

Carter checked his watch. “We have five minutes.”

“And what is that time for?” Sarah spun to wake up her computer.

His wide chest pressed against her shoulders as he let his breath trickle down her neck. “You could let me touch you. I can make you come in less than five minutes, and you know it.”

“Mmm, my kind of pick me up.”

“And you can return the favor at lunch.”

Sarah grinned wide, hiding it from Carter before she leaned into him and spread her legs.

His soft groan sent a shiver through her, and he drew his hand up the inside of her thighs. Rubbing her stoked the flames already present from her interactions with Ben, the floor manager, so she closed her eyes when Carter pushed the fabric of her panties aside and dipped into her wet core.

Instead of Carter, it was Ben’s wide fingers stroking, pushing, entering her.

A stupid fantasy since she refused to sleep with her boss, or her boss’s boss as it were. Even without the heavy taboo of it, the power dynamic shifts, and she was not up for handling that every day at her job.

Carter, however, knew what she liked, thrusting two fingers slowly inside her, his thumb circling her clit.

Sarah’s breath caught in her throat as his hand came down over her small breast–just enough there to grab and fondle. He rolled a nipple between a finger and thumb, making her hips jut forward into his palm.

His bulk kept her chair from spinning out from under her before she grabbed ahold of it for leverage. Body undulating over Carter’s thrusting fingers, she bit back her moan.

Pleasure built fast, coiling from her breast to her core. Tightening around his fingers triggered him to push her harder, the wet noise of his thrust echoed softly in her cubicle as she tried to catch the orgasm looming just out of reach.

Huffing moans blew through her nose, and her mouth fell silently open, head back against Carter’s shoulder as every muscle tightened, and she shattered.

Gyrating into his palm, she felt him grin against her ear as he whispered, “With a minute to spare.”

A kiss found her cheek before he retreated, the tease of his fingers making her shudder.

“I’ll see you at lunch.”

Her laughter followed him out, and she cleaned herself up before settling in to work.

Which did not go so smoothly. Usually, rubbing one out, or having a buddy help her do it, wiped away the cobwebs in her mind. But not even her latte cleared it of the distraction that had rooted itself there.

One with Ben’s face and large hands and honey eyes.

Sarah took one quick detour right before lunch to the small storage room that only fit one person at a time. It generally kept any hanky panky from happening amongst the supplies.


Only Luke found her and crammed himself inside behind her as she bent over to grab some printer paper. His hands grabbed her hips and pulled her ass back into him.

Was he already hard under those slacks? It shouldn’t surprise her.

“And what are you doing here, Luke?”

She stood with some effort and maneuvering, and his hands to keep her balance.

“Looking for you.” He ground himself against her lightly.

“Looking for a quickie before lunch you mean?” Sarah was feeling popular today. Since she was giving back to Carter rather than receiving, she didn’t mind taking this for herself.

“Maybe.” He leaned against the closed door, lifted her skirt, and pulled her against him. The hard outline of him teased her.

“And if I say no?”

“I’ll go back to my desk disappointed but none the worse for wear.” Luke’s hands moved tentatively up to her waist. “Are you saying no?”

Sarah arched her ass back into him and shook her head, reaching back to unzip him. This man had a wonderful cock.

His soft growl made her smile. “Tease.”

“Mmm, I’m pretty sure teases don’t take cocks at the spur of the moment.”

“No. No, they don’t, bella.” Cock in hand, he yanked the cotton covering her aside and rubbed her folds with his fat head for far longer than normal.

Her groan didn’t change his tactics. “Now, who’s a tease?”

A low laugh preceded the jarring thrust of Luke’s hips. He buried himself to the hilt, pressing and enjoying the feel of her as much as she enjoyed the feel of him. Oh, how she loved being filled with a nice, thick cock.

Squeezing sent him into motion, short and hard thrusts that smacked her cheeks too loudly.

With how wired her body was today, it didn’t take long for her pleasure to spike high.

Luke’s hand curled over her mouth before her first cry burbled out. Oh, how well he knew her like this. Leaning her back enough for his gruff voice to find her ear, he whispered all of the dirty things she enjoyed about her tight puss, how much he loved making her come, the way he planned to make her shatter again and again, that he wanted her later when he could enjoy the full view of her body and take his time…

Sarah came hard, seizing in his arms and crying loudly into his palm.

He didn’t slow down one bit, and she limply took the railing of his cock against her overly sensitive flesh.

Fuck, she loved it.

Pleasure swelled again as he whispered about how she’d better give him a second orgasm before he came in her tight, little puss.

Oh, it wouldn’t take long, not when he angled his hips lower to hit the back wall of her sex.

A gurgling groan dropped her into him. One hand came up between her breasts, over her throat, but not to crush. He braced her against him so that he could leverage her safely against him.

The pumping picked up force, jarring that pleasure already pooled in her middle until she exploded again. His grunts accentuated his thrusts before he pulsed and came inside of her.

Finally, breath fully filled her lungs, sagging her with a bit of relief as Luke stroked the column of her neck, down her collarbone to grab a breast as he whispered in her ear.

“You are a dream come true, bella.”

Her laughter had him holding onto her with more strength.

“Mmm, especially when you squeeze me that way.” The gruff desire in his voice threatened to melt her all over again. “You will come home with me tonight?”

“Check back with me when the day is over. I’ve been staying late to finish a project.”

His breath warmed her ear. “Leave me in suspense. Seductress.”

Luke retreated, but she hit him with a ream of printer paper. “Take that back to my desk while I go clean up.”

His grin made her so many promises, and he winked as he backed out of the small storage space.

Sarah rushed to the nearby bathroom. Good thing she kept extra pairs of clean underwear in her desk.

After slipping on a new pair in front of her desk, she double-checked her notes on a new contract and sent it off to her boss before lunch. It gave her an extra few minutes while everyone cleared out, and she met Carter at his cubicle.

He faced her with a pout, like she was late. The boyish face and bulky body always made Sarah want to punish him. It wasn’t a huge tendency of hers, but he brought it out of her like no one else could.

“You’re giving me those eyes like you’ve been bad. What did you do?”

Those big shoulders shrugged, his hands folded in his lap.

Sarah stepped up to him, drawing her fingers up his thighs as she stepped around the back of his chair. Touch tripping along him as she lowered her mouth to her ear.

“What did you do, Carter?” Her hand dipped along his arm and under across his ribs and chest.

He took a slow breath that shook on its release. “Butchered the coffee you bought. Clogged the machine.”

“What a naughty boy.” Sarah worked open the button on his slacks, fumbling down his zipper, prolonging the play. 

Carter groaned. Her fingers breached his boxers and caught the head of his hard cock.

“Why should I reward you for something like that?”

“A new one will be delivered by the morning.” Another hitch in his chest accompanied her wrapping her hand around his length, giving a few explorative strokes.

“Mmm, well, that I can reward you for.” Sarah teased until his hips started moving. Only then did she double down. Wrapping her other hand in his blonde hair had her yanking his head back.

His hands balled into fists as he moaned low. “Fuck.”

She gripped him a little harder, pumped a little rougher as his breathing kicked up. “You’re going to be good for me?”

Carter’s muted nod made her fingers tighten in his hair, and his cock stiffened even more. It wouldn’t take her long to make him come.

Sarah’s mouth traipsed along his throat, and she pressed her teeth into its curve. He reached up to coax her further, to ask for more, so she bit him, hard enough to leave a mark. His groans vibrated low, and his cock pulsed.

She whispered in his ear. “Are you coming for me?”


Grabbing the towel from his desk, Sarah exaggerated her thrusting pumps as he jerked in her hand, and she didn’t let up until she’d milked him completely.

His wide chest roiled as he fought for his breath, and his body slumped in his chair as she walked around the front of him.

“Did you really break my coffee maker?”

“The regular one, not the fancy one you try to keep hidden.”

Sarah slapped him on his thigh, but he caught her and pulled her in.

“I am sorry, and I did order a new one.” He sat up to give her the smallest kiss across her mouth. Most of the men she slept with in this building weren’t fans of kissing. Carter was one of the few who might indulge himself, but he was by far one of the sweetest, too.

Probably because he was still in his early twenties and not jaded by the taboos that one could fall into within the city limits of Mating Metropolis.

“Then, I forgive you.” Running her thumb over his chin, she took another small kiss before she stepped back. 

“When are you going to let me take you home?”

That cracked a smile across Sarah’s face. “Not tonight.”

Carter pouted again as she slipped out of his cubicle and back to hers. Grabbing her sparkly skull mug, she went to wash it in the small employee lounge kitchen but hesitated as Ben stood there again, right where she’d left him last time, leaning against the counter.

Read the rest of Sarah’s story here.

Moving to Mating Metropolis means giving into sexual whims with neighbors, co-workers, and strangers. It means forgoing long-held taboos.

Sarah likes to tease–co-workers, neighbors, the barista at the cafe down the street, but she doesn’t mess with bosses. It’s too much of a headache to navigate.

When Ben, the floor manager, aka her boss’s boss, shows up to offer her a contract, she’s not sure that she wants to say no.

Is a surprisingly intense attraction enough for her to take what he offers, or will she turn down his proposition?

Dive into this short, hot erotica story now & get some deals from GET THAT BOOK!

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