A NEW SHORT STORY | Workplace Taboos: Ben


Sarah swayed back and forth as she examined a painting hanging outside of his office. Her skirt today was a rich olive green and swished with movements. It mesmerized him for a moment before she turned and caught him watching her.

Pink bloomed in her cheeks, but fire burned in her gaze. That dominance, scarcely contained, boiled his blood. She plainly told him that she wanted to do all of the things she wasn’t allowed to do to him.

The fact that he wanted her to do them, too, drenched the space between them with tension.

It didn’t seem like it was going to lessen any time soon.

How Sarah waited for him to approach had him stepping forward with the desire to simply press her against him. To trap her between him and the wall.

The timid facade faded as he neared, and her hand lifted between them to press along the underside of his mouth with a naughty smile.

Ben wanted to lean down and kiss her, but he refrained.

How much longer would he be able to hold himself back this way?

Sarah dropped her hand, remembering the rules, but how her jaw clenched screamed of her wanting to sink her teeth into him.

Not yet. Not yet…

But maybe soon.

The silky fabric of her top clung to her body, showcasing her perky breasts and hard nipples.

“Are you going to invite me inside?” Sarah gestured to his office.

Ben leaned in closer instead of leading her behind a closed door. “I want to touch you.”

Mouth quirking, Sarah said, “Well, yes. I thought that was the point.”

He shook his head, eyeing her breasts again.

She took a deep breath, but he couldn’t tell if she was teasing him or not. The standstill spread for a long moment between them.

“I believe it’s your rules that require verbal consent, so you’ll have to tell me what you want to touch before I can agree to it.”

Fuck, how she weilded this power over him added to the allure of her. What would Sarah be like given free rein? The stories of her around the office weren’t anything compared to the raw sexuality he experienced being this close to her.

Her hands fiddled with my tie, allowing her knuckles to brush his chest and stomach.

“I would like to fondle your breasts.”

That smile sent such a deep pang down his center that he had to fight his growl of impatience. Fight his instinct to take what he wanted without waiting for her response.

She peered into his eyes for a heartbeat more than he could handle. “You may.”

Her agreement jerked through his muscles, and he worked to move slowly, lifting his hands to smooth beneath them, cupping the undersides of the small masses and squeezing.

Sarah’s inhale stuttered before he brushed his thumbs over those hard peaks. Her gasp was such a reward. Ben squeezed again, drawing circles around her nubs as her thighs rubbed together.

“Do you like that?” He plucked at one, and her hands curled into fists around his tie.

She nodded.

Everything inside of him screamed to splay his mouth across her body, to undress her and pull those tits between his lips, to taste her skin and sweat and the slick slit between her legs.

She pulled him closer until their noses nearly bumped, and he could smell the sweet caramel from her coffee this morning. The inevitability of their kiss simmered there. How long until they both threw out the rules, the contract, and gave into need?

Ben lowered his hands to her waist and hips, swaying her into him for a brief embrace that would let her feel just how badly he wanted her, even though he couldn’t have her yet.

When he released her, he couldn’t unravel the look she gave him.

Why did she draw him in so deeply? Tap into that part of him that no one but his wife had reached before.

And they barely knew each other.

She stood in front of his door so that Ben had to press into her back to unlock it, and Sarah paused when it swung open. He took the few seconds to inhale the sweet scent of her, a shampoo he couldn’t place.

When she stepped forward, he felt the loss of her heat. How impossible…

Once he closed the door, Sarah turned and cornered him against it. How much she could control without touching him amazed him every time.

“Why do you like to have me spread across your desk?”

Those beautiful hazel eyes twinkled with challenge. Ben had always propped his office girls on his desk, put their feet in the custom holds so that he could see them fully–or as fully as he was allowed. If he only got access to their pussy, he wanted every part of it. And that meant feasting on it with his eyes.

“Because there’s nothing more beautiful than a wet pussy as it comes.”

Her nostrils flared as she hovered in his space before she rounded his desk and shook her hair over her shoulders.

His cock ached with the want to take more from her and the knowledge that he could if he asked for it. Ben stalked around the desk slowly and leaned into her like they might kiss, heart hammering with adrenaline as her mouth parted and her breathing grew strained.

Gathering her skirt in his hands, he drew the fabric up her thighs, refusing to retreat as he grabbed her hips and lifted her to the edge of his desk. Their bodies remained close, and Sarah’s knees squeezed him.

Fuck, he wanted her. Wanted her badly enough that his wife teased him about it.

But he couldn’t have her. Not yet. Not here.

Instead, he’d take what he could right now, cupping under her knees to settle her feet wide in their slots.

“Do you get nervous when I have you this way?”

Her smile curled hard. “No. I just like to understand the kinks of the people I play with.”

Cold jealousy scorched him. It shouldn’t, but it did. He didn’t want to think about the other people she played with, slept with, fucked, when he was with her. But for how much of this did she think about the fact that he was married? Especially with the rules in place. The ones that kept her from taking what she wanted from him.

Prolonging this was another of his so-called kinks. He liked that she obviously wanted him by the way she acted because her frustration with it was clear the more he worked her up. The bigger the frenzy, the deeper her desires.

How long until she broke? Until he did.

When would he know if he could take her home? It was too serious of a step. Too soon for it.

So he drew his hands down the insides of her thighs and found her pussy bare and wet enough to allow his finger to slide smoothly into her.

Fuck, that small gasp made his cock jerk against his slacks.

Teasing her prompted her pout, and he pushed her skirt further back to reveal more of her. Slick and more than ready for him, she watched as he tentatively worked another finger into her.

“See, you like watching my fingers disappear into you, too.” The sight haunted his dreams, both at night and during the day. Sarah made it unbelievably difficult to make it through the eight-to-five. 

“I do, but I can’t help but wonder how much more I would like watching your cock filling me up instead.”

His growl escaped before he could tamp it back. “You like to push your limits.”

“Test my boundaries, sure.” She bit her lip as he curled his fingers inside of her the way she liked. “But if words are all I get, you better believe I’m going to use them on you.”

Sarah made it clear from their first interaction that she rebelled against his authority and the control he scarcely maintained when she was nearby. This woman had a habit of picking at his armor.

Planting his hand on the desk beside hers, he didn’t let an inch of space between them that he didn’t need to. He decided to make her come fast to take the edge out of her. It was the only thing she would succumb to. The only thing she let him truly control.

When her toes curled and she panted against his cheek, she made him fall for her a little. Fuck, she wasn’t allowed to worm her way into him like this.

Sarah took to the rough pounding of his fingers, the fast slapping of his palm’s heel against her clit, and she bore down with her impending orgasm. Those delicate hands curled into fists.

Ben enjoyed the small signs of her struggle. She wanted him almost as much as he wanted her.


If she could remain patient, or whatever that looked like on her, they had a better chance of getting what they both craved.

Her soft moan undid him, and he bumped their noses together.

“Are you coming for me?” He didn’t need to ask; he felt it–the quaver of her muscles. Sarah liked to talk, liked the few dirty things he’d said to her so far.

Her whimpering cry was her answer as she abandoned herself to the pleasure.

Wet spread across his boxers with his own arousal.

Once her lids stopped fluttering, she speared him with her gaze again, daring him to do a fraction of what she might let him.

How could she be this tempting?

Read the rest of Sarah’s story here.

Moving to Mating Metropolis means giving into sexual whims with neighbors, co-workers, and strangers. It means forgoing long-held taboos.

Sarah likes to tease–co-workers, neighbors, the barista at the cafe down the street, but she doesn’t mess with bosses. It’s too much of a headache to navigate.

When Ben, the floor manager, aka her boss’s boss, shows up to offer her a contract, she’s not sure that she wants to say no.

Is a surprisingly intense attraction enough for her to take what he offers, or will she turn down his proposition?

Dive into this short, hot erotica story now & get some deals from GET THAT BOOK!

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