A NEW SHORT STORY | Workplace Taboos: SARAH II


Sarah followed Ben up the driveway to his enormous home. She didn’t get nervous, normally, but the majority of her sexual escapades were spontaneous, spur or the moment, or with people she’d been with before. And she never let someone take her home.

How had Ben convinced her to come home with him, meet his wife, and play with her? She liked women, enjoyed playing with her friend Tabitha and a few of the girls down at the club, but she had a type, more so than with men, and that had her worried.

Ben smiled at her as they stepped into the garage. “I’ve never seen that kind of look on your face before.”

She shrugged. “I’m a bit out of my element.”

“Don’t worry, she’ll love you.”

“Of course, she will. I’m fucking fantastic.” But if she didn’t, would Sarah get to keep playing with Ben? Would they finally get to forgo the rules if she did?

Taking a deep breath, Sarah nodded for him to go on and to stop stalling.

Ben still waited, brushing his thumb over her cheek and zapping her with tension. The desire for each other hadn’t dimmed this whole time. An entire month of teasing and building to this. His touch dipped along her mouth, and the possibility of getting to kiss him, touch him, and have him the way she’d wanted each time they’d been together rolled through her.

For fuck’s sake, she had an extra twenty-one-hundred dollars in her account from the giddy way they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

So much so that her regular work buddies mentioned it, especially Luke, who’d been promising to take her home for more than a year. Sarah’d always avoided that kind of situation.

It changed things.

And why was she here again?

His chest pitched with a sharp breath when she pinched him with her teeth. The look he gave her said how much he wanted her.

Yes, fine, let’s get on with this.

Finally, Ben opened the door and led her inside, through an ordinary laundry room and into a beautiful kitchen. Oh the kinds of things Sarah could make in a kitchen like this, with its tall ceilings, displayed pots and pans, and abundant counter space.

Just beyond the wide island, a stunning woman stood, her dark hair pulled over one shoulder, her lips a deep red, and by god, the way she presented those tits made Sarah fight to hold back the naughty grin spreading over her mouth.

“Christine, I would like for you to meet Sarah.” Ben’s hand pressed into Sarah’s back to steady her as his wife stepped forward.

This woman was gorgeous. Why on earth did he seem so fascinated with someone like Sarah when he had this at home?

Christine took slow steps forward, looking Sarah over with the same kind of interest.

Good, Sarah was at her best when confident that she could turn somebody on. She reached out to touch the waves of Christine’s dark hair, and the throbbing vein in her neck was a sweet reward.

She matched Sarah’s smile. “Oh, you look like you’ll be fun.”

“You have no idea.” Sarah winked.

Christine shared a brief look with Ben over her shoulder, biting her lip.

“Can I get you something to drink, Sarah? Wine, beer, water…”

“Water, please.”

Christine nodded, and Ben’s heat retreated from her back. Yet, his wife stepped closer, so Sarah let her touch find that quick pulse at Christine’s throat, stroking it and watching the fire flicker to life in her eyes.

She leaned in to tease her with the same denial she’d been fighting each time she was with this woman’s husband, brushing their noses together as Christine’s plump breasts pressed into Sarah’s tiny ones.

“Mmm… You smell delicious.” 

Christine’s hands found Sarah’s shoulders, one finger stroking the strap of Sarah’s oversized purse. “What’s in there?”

“You’ll see.”

Lips parting, Christine purred at her, dropping her grip to take Sarah’s hand and pull her forward a little.

Ben held two glasses of water, gaze pouring over them both with the kind of arousal that screamed of the naughty things to come.

Sarah took one glass and sipped it. “Mmm, good. We’re going to need to stay hydrated for this.”

Christine’s groan tore her attention from the way Ben was filling out the front of his slacks.

The way she filled out those tight pants desperately asked Sarah to swat those voluptuous cheeks. Fuck, how did he keep other men’s hands off of her?

Sarah followed Christine through the first floor, past their sunken living room with the enormous wall of windows, and down a small hall to a spare bedroom. The bed was big, big enough for three or four to play on comfortably. Their furniture seemed sturdy and unadorned, clearly used for fucking on.

Did they have toys hidden in the drawers of the dresser? A swing set up waiting under the bed to pull out as a surprise.

Once inside, Christine paused, the small hesitation and what she’d learned about Ben screamed for her to take charge. She grabbed Christine by the waist and lured her closer, drawing her fingers under the fabric of her blouse. Hot, soft skin greeted her, and she drew the shirt up over her head.

God, those tits were full and barely restrained within the lace bra Christine wore.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful.”

Christine’s laugh rang sultry and tempting.

Sarah grinned at her, fingers catching the button on her pants. Before stripping them from her, too, Sarah dipped her fingers down between her legs and made a breath catch in Christine’s lungs. “Now, I know you don’t like fingers, but how are you with rubbing?”

This woman’s moan made her nipples perk, and she rubbed Christine with more vigor.

Those dark eyes turned molten as her hips moved against Sarah’s hand.

Christine drew her touch under Sarah’s skirt, grabbing on to her bare cheek with a strangled groan. “God, you have a round, firm ass.”

Grinning at her, Sarah leaned in to whisper in her ear. “So do you.”

Heat pressed them into each other, and she shifted her leg between Christine’s, rubbing that sweet sex over her thigh.

Mouth parted, Christine rode the small movements.

“I want to strip your clothes off, taste every inch of your skin, and ride you into oblivion.”

“God, yes.”

Read the rest of Sarah’s story here.

Moving to Mating Metropolis means giving into sexual whims with neighbors, co-workers, and strangers. It means forgoing long-held taboos.

Sarah doesn’t spend the night with her lovers. She doesn’t go home with them. Never. It means more attachment than she’s willing to give.

But tonight, she’s breaking her cardinal rule and is going home with Ben…to meet his wife.

Will this be the climactic end to the overwhelmingly tense playtime or will it drop all of the boundaries keeping them from truly enjoying each other?

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