A NEW SHORT STORY | Workplace Taboos: Ben II


Sarah wasn’t waiting for Ben when he arrived early to work, but she was her usual twenty minutes early to her cubicle, and she scarcely twitched when he hovered in the doorway. Her frown and narrowed eyes didn’t deter him.

But she did make him more tongue tied than he’d experienced in a long time. It made him thankful for the contract in his hands.

Her arms crossed over her chest, and it was all the invitation she was going to give.

Ben stalked into the small space, throwing the contract on her desk, and the closer he got, the more clearly he saw the small tremble in her. Her arms dropped as he neared, and she backed into the opposite wall, eyes going a wide.

“I was being an asshole,” he said, and that sweet, seductive tension clawed at him just the same as it always did.

“You were.” Her hands pressed into his chest like she might push him away, maintaining the inches necessary to keep him from kissing her.

Her nails sank in, silently demanding his apology.

“I can’t seem to help it. Not with you.” He leaned in a little closer, and her muscles stiffened. Ben breathed her in, taking her deep before saying the one thing he needed to. “If someone else gives you more than this… If you want them instead of me… I won’t bother you any longer. I won’t get in your way. I won’t reap any repercussions on you.”

Breath gone haywire, Sarah’s body language morphed. She didn’t want that. Thank fuck.

“They don’t.” Her voice was so soft that it nearly tore his heart in two.

Ben braced the back of her head and dropped his mouth to hers. Fire tore through him.

Sarah latched onto him, kissing him back.

He smashed their bodies together, needing her in a way that defied logic.

She devoured him, drawing her leg up his hip for him to press his hard cock against her. A few rocking motions had him lifting his mouth from hers to breathe against her mouth.

“I missed you. Yesterday. This weekend…” He let his hand trail down her side, over her hip, to squeeze her thigh.

Shaking her head, she traced his bottom lip with her thumb.

“I want to change our contract. I drew up a new one.” Ben pushed her skirt up to give him access to her panty-clad core. The extra barrier she didn’t usually put between them. Her leg lowered as she lost her balance, but she spread herself enough to allow his touch. His fingers dipped into the cotton, rubbing her until she gasped and her hips canted with his rhythm.

“What are the new terms?”

Ben shook his head, kissing under her jaw to her ear. Her strangled moans tore at him worse than her nails. “I need you to read the contract.”

Her fingers found purchase in his hair. “Tell me.”

Fuck, she always demanded him to express himself in the ways he was weakest.

“I want more discretion. I want to spend time with you outside of the office. I want to know that you feel this…this pull. The tension that twists between us when we’re close. That it makes you lose sleep at night.”

Like it does me. That you need me half as badly as I need you.

Closing his eyes, Ben rubbed her more vigorously, enjoying the way moisture spread and soaked her panties.

When his fingers pulled the fabric aside to test her folds, Sarah let out a soft cry in his ear and adjusted to give him better access. He probed her with a finger like this was the first time he’d gotten to play with her. Thrusting into her slowly, he was rewarded with the tremble in her limbs, like she was tightly wound and just waiting for him to unravel her.

Had she not played with anyone since they were together last?

He hadn’t been in the mood yesterday, but he wouldn’t hold it against her if she had. Not if it meant losing her.

The low murmuring of new voices in the office told him to be quick. Sarah taught him what she liked enough that he could make her come with nearly a couple of strokes. And he wanted the satisfaction of causing her pleasure more than the dominance of drawing out and getting her caught with him in her cubicle.

Angling his grip, he found the spot that made her whimper and dissolve, but it was already too late to keep them from being spotted by her co-workers.

Ben kissed her to keep her from noticing the man that hovered in her doorway as he broke her apart. Turning his face to hide hers as the starting pulses of her orgasm squeezed around him, she moaned into his shoulder, her grip on him so hard that a small kernel of peace finally bloomed in his chest.

The figure behind him moved away, and Ben pulled back to look at her. Those twinkling hazel eyes were a little clearer than they’d been before. A little more readable.

“Review the contract.”

The smile that preceded her laugh lanced him with something more than desire. “You are quite succinct on paper.”

Grinning as he kissed her, he slowly withdrew himself from her orbit. “Come to my office at the end of the day, and let me know your decision.”

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Moving to Mating Metropolis means giving into sexual whims with neighbors, co-workers, and strangers. It means forgoing long-held taboos.

Ben’s finally been on the receiving end of Sarah’s touch, and it hasn’t eased the tension between them one bit. It makes how she disappeared in the middle of the night from his home hit him all the harder.

Ben wants more from their arrangement, prompting him to draw up a new contract and corner her in her cubicle at work.

Will she agree to the new terms of their relationship or will she cut him off completely?

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