About Autumn

Autumn Lishky is a quiet, little woman with a big, loud imagination, and a dirty one at that.  Living in the Oklahoma City area, she has worked various jobs from pizza delivery girl to night host at a funeral home, but no matter the nature of her income, she is always lost in a world of fantastic sex.

But be forewarned, these won’t be your normal erotic scenes. This may be more than mere BDSM. Dirty Little Love is for the wicked, for the fantasies, for sex that crosses that accepted societal norm.

18+ blog. If you’re younger than that, please leave. Seriously, move on. This blog is not for you.

This blog contains graphical/visual content that might not be approved by everyone. If you don’t like it, then please leave.

All images, unless otherwise stated, have been taken from the internet, and are assumed to be of public domain. Any break of the copyright is totally unintentional and noncommercial. Material will be removed upon request of the copyright owner.

All content accompanying photos on this blog is original and written by me. Copyright 2012 © AlishaChambers. All rights are reserved.

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