Dirty Little Holidays: Christmas with Hank & Robin


Thick satin ribbon laced Robin’s waist, dipping between her thighs, just braced along her sex and ass to rub her as she moved. Hank tied her arms together, looping the ribbon around the bedpost to secure her.

Hank’s fingers trailed over her breasts, spreading goose bumps in the wake of his touch.

Cold glass chilled her as it met the inside of her thigh, roaming up her ass. Hank shifted the ribbon aside, coating her anus with lube before the glass pressed in on her. Sizzling pleasure spread through her as he worked the anal plug past the tight rim of her ass and seated it inside her with the most excruciating patience. Robin’s thighs wobbled to keep her upright.

With the ribbon replaced, Hank nudged her knees apart and pulled her hips back, tightening the restricted knot around her waist and pressing the plug more firmly inside of her. A faint moan vibrated against her closed mouth.

Hands curved her back harder as Hank moved in behind her, rubbing the hard length of himself over the ribbon that covered her sex.

Glass shifted inside of her again, this time in a steady beat to the small movements of Hank’s hips. Robin’s core tightened with the need to be filled, too.

The ribbon smoothed against her, wider as it unfolded, and his cock pressed it into her. Satin quickly coated wet probed her, folding around Hank, constricting around her body, and twisting the plug. Squeezing her hips, he rocked her back against him, gaining as much entrance as he could. His sharp movements tore away the first wave of her orgasm, accompanied by a sharp noise.

Long fingers and steady palms smoothed over her rear before pulling the wet ribbon to the side and plunging his bare cock to the depths of her, setting off her second wave of orgasm.

Hands yanking at the ribbon around the headboard, Robin arched back to accept him, breasts scraping against the sheets below her as she reeled in the rough pleasure. Muscles loose yet taut, squeezing down her core as she gave in. Body ricocheting, the amalgamation of attentions inflamed her in ecstasy.

Thumb pressed down on the stopper in her ass, Hank rubbed her in time with his hips, and Robin succumbed, falling into her full orgasm as he rode her relentlessly through it until tears wet the corners of her eyes.

And he came inside her, rubbing her down, soothing her, and worshipping her body.

Still seated in her core, he bent to drop soft kisses along the back of her neck. “Merry Christmas, love.”

Robin shuddered, knowing this was only her present. Hank still had his to unwrap.

Dirty Little Photos: Santa Hat Fun

The Christmas bug has bit me – in all the right places, and I’m feeling generous. It’s been a long time, so look out for some themed Christmas photos and scenes this month.














Dirty Little Holidays–Christmas with Mandi and Nico


Mandi struggled against the red ribbon that bound her wrists to her headboard.  Garland bit into her thighs just above her knees, which both spread her legs and lifted her hips. Nico shifted the wide bow across her breasts, scraping the rough fabric over her nipples.  Erotic burning made her nipples harden and her back arch as far as it could.  The pain from the abrasion sent a sensitive line of pleasure straight to her core.

Reaching the brink of too painful, Nico untied the bow and tightened the ribbon around her breasts, blowing lightly across her flesh.  Mandi lifted her head, catching the look in Nico’s eyes.  She was in trouble, and she could barely wait.

Once Nico had repurposed the ribbon to harness her breasts. It held tightly enough to darken her skin to a vibrant pink and made the stick out in front of her like torpedoes.  His eyes had darkened to a pulsating cobalt blue as a flick of silver slapped across her purpling nipples.  The sting jolted her off the bed, her hips pushing higher and a moan caroling out of her mouth.

Mandi peered up in time to see a tinsel whip come back down across her swollen and sensitive skin, but the slap was soft as it dusted her skin, finding its way through the valley between her breasts, down her ribs, around her navel, and slapped with increasing pressure at the apex of her thighs until her limbs quivered in their restraints.

A soft, throaty chuckle fell across her skin as the tinsel whip disappeared. Nico was lucky on two accounts: first, tying her up was his Christmas present, which meant she couldn’t reciprocate; and second, he knew exactly how to unravel her.  Mandi quivered under his touch, completely at his mercy.

A crinkling hit her ears, but she couldn’t see the source. As she waited for the reveal, Nico bent over her, his tongue dipping between her folds, and his eyes lit up as if he’d found a treat.  Heat invaded Mandi, but she couldn’t be sure if it were Nico’s tongue or her arousal.

An oversized candy cane appeared below her chin, lifting toward her lips until her mouth fit around the inch-and-a-half-wide stick of sugar. Her tongue wrapped around the sticky sweetness, sucking on the candy cane as if it were Nico.  If she hadn’t been tied up, she’d taken hold of him and flicked her tongue along the tender knot under the head of his cock.

Nico pulled the candy cane from her mouth and squeezed the underside of her left hip.  His mouth left her skin moist and wanting but not for long.  The phallic candy pushed over her clit, circling and sticking.

But she wanted his mouth; it’s the only reason she’d actually agreed to this—the pleasure promised by that sweet tongue and bow-shaped lips.

He shoved the candy cane inside of her. Her sex resisted, but the wetness of her arousal cooled the sting as he pulsed it inside of her. Four long, thick inches of candy cane tugged and rubbed until Nico was able to thrust the red and white cane into her smoothly.

“I’ve got twelve inches here, love. And by the time we’re done,” he gave her lips a fresh swipe of his tongue, “you’ll take at lease eight of them for me.”

The tacky candy cane tapped against the very depths of her at five inches.  His tongue found her clit, making her hips roll to accommodate the candy and Nico.

Moans vibrated up from her chest—aching within the confines of the ribbon—and her thighs burned as the garland cut into her thighs.  The unrelenting tapping at her womb stole another jolt from her limbs.  His thrusts grew larger, and her gaze flew up to watch the red of the candy smear across the white and Nico’s tongue slide around the invasion of her sex.  She’d stretched to accept six inches.

The tip of his tongue found her clit, lapping up the sticky residue.  Sucking her into his mouth, her core shuttered, grabbed at the candy cane, and closed around it.  Nico’s name fell from her mouth, and he shoved another inch into her.

Her body leapt toward a crescendo, teetering at the top with the rhythm he created varying staccato and legato as though he could play every nerve in her body. Her moans formed the melody, a long mix of highs and lows building its own crescendo.

He pushed again, deeper, reaching the full eight inches of thrusting Christmas candy.  Nico grunted with satisfaction, and her body could no longer hold his tempo.  With a final note, her body convulsed, digging her ties deeper, cutting pain into the pleasure so that the soft gasping of her breath and the slick sound of the thrusting candy cane overloaded her bared senses.

Finally, Nico pulled the candy from her core and savored the taste of her minty lips until her body stopped shaking.  With a stealthy Grinch of a smile, he untied her breasts and legs before he hovered over her.

“And how many presents do I get this year?”